Revise and resubmit

Diamonds: Rebel’s and Farmer’s Best Friend. Impact of variation in the price of a lootable, labour-intensive natural resource on the intensity of violent conflict.” Revise and resubmit: Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Working papers

“The wane of command. Evidence on drone strikes and principal-agent dynamics in violent groups.” Job market paper

The long-term effect of slavery on violent crime.” (with Moamen Gouda)

Ongoing projects

“Community Forest Monitoring and Awareness of Forest Use Rules in Uganda.” Pre-analysis plan (with Eisenbarth et al.). Meta-analysis plan (with Golden et al.).

“How does recalling experiences of conflict affect behaviour that aids or hinders post-conflict recovery.” Pre-analysis plan (with Keyman et al.).


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“South Sudan’s long crisis of justice. Merging notions of lack of socio-economics justice and criminal accountability.” Forthcoming. In: Nouwen et al. eds. Making and Breaking Peace in Sudan and South Sudan: The `Comprehensive’ Peace Agreement and Beyond. British Academy. (with Mareike Schomerus)

Does `Security’ Imply Safety? On the (Lack of) Correlation Between Different Aspects of Security.” 2015. Stability: International Journal of Security and Development 4(1), Art.39.

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