Selected Publications

Diamonds: Rebel’s and Farmer’s Best Friend. Impact of variation in the price of a lootable, labour-intensive natural resource on the intensity of violent conflict.” Forthcoming. Journal of Conflict Resolution.

“‘The Fear Factor is a Main Thing’: How Radio Influences Anxiety and Political Attitudes“. 2017. Journal of Development Studies 53(8), 1123-1146. (with Mareike Schomerus)

Probing for Proof, Plausibility, Principle and Possibility: A New Approach to Assessing Evidence in a Systematic Evidence Review.” 2016. Development Policy Review 34(1), 5-27. (with Mareike Schomerus)

Working papers

“The wane of command. Evidence on drone strikes and control within terrorist organizations”

The long-term effect of slavery on violent crime.” (with Moamen Gouda)

The wisdom of seeking crowd wisdom. Reflections on the ethics of using crowdsourcing and crowdseeding to collect data in conflict zones.” (with Ghassan Baliki)

Ongoing projects

“Community Forest Monitoring and Awareness of Forest Use Rules in Uganda.” Pre-analysis plan (with Eisenbarth et al.). Meta-analysis plan (with Golden et al.).

“How does recalling experiences of conflict affect behaviour that aids or hinders post-conflict recovery.” Pre-analysis plan (with Eisenbarth et al.).

Other publications

“South Sudan’s long crisis of justice. Merging notions of lack of socio-economics justice and criminal accountability.” Forthcoming. In: Nouwen et al. eds. Making and Breaking Peace in Sudan and South Sudan: The `Comprehensive’ Peace Agreement and Beyond. British Academy. (with Mareike Schomerus)

Does `Security’ Imply Safety? On the (Lack of) Correlation Between Different Aspects of Security.” 2015. Stability: International Journal of Security and Development 4(1), Art.39.

And then he switched off the phone”: Mobile phones, participation and political accountability in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State.” 2015. Stability: International Journal of Security and Development 4(1), Art.10. (with Mareike Schomerus)

“Natural Resources and Insecurity.” 2014. In: Kaldor and Rangelov eds. Handbook of Human Security Policy. London: Wiley-Blackwell.

Natural resources and conflict. An overview of controversies, consensus and channels.” 2010. The Economics of Peace and Security Journal 5(2): 17-22.