Media and blogs

VideoGreen minerals: justice and opportunity in the renewable energy transition, Geneva Peace Week 

ArticleDrone Dilemma. The risks of Washington’s favorite counterterrorism tool often outweigh the rewards. Foreign Affairs

Report: Mineral Concessions: Avoiding Conflict in DR Congo’s Mining Heartland. International Crisis Group

Report: All That Glitters is Not Gold: Turmoil in Zimbabwe’s Mining Sector. International Crisis Group

ArticleThe future of conflict in mining. Political violence at a glance (with Kristen DeCairnes-Gall)

Op-Ed: Industrial and artisanal miners in the Congo need a new cobalt compact. (with Nelleke van de Walle). Financial Times.

Podcast: Rebel’s or farmer’s best friend? The Janus face of ‘blood diamonds’ and other conflict minerals.

Article: It’s not just fake news. Even real news can warp political perceptions. (with Mareike Schomerus)

Blog: The World Development Report 2015: One step forward, one step back. (with Mareike Schomerus)

Blog: Off the hook: Can mobile phones help with statebuilding? (with Mareike Schomerus)

Blog: Who Researches the Researchers?

Blog: The world’s ‘deadliest region’.  For the World Peace Foundation.

Blog: What’s in a number. For the World Peace Foundation.