Dr. Anouk S. Rigterink
 LSE Fellow Department of International Development
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I am a PhD student at the Department for International Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am also a Research Associate with the DfID-funded Justice and Security Research Programme and hold a PhD scholarship with the ERC-funded Security in Transition Research Programme. I gratefully acknowledge support from Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

My research interests include civil conflict, violence and security. More specifically, I do research on the (proposed) link between conflict and natural resource abundance, on how conflict and/or security is quantified and on media in conflict-affected situations, using quantitative methods. Within the first theme, I focus on how to establish whether there is a causal relationship between natural resources and (aspects of) violence and if so, what mechanisms connect the two, knowledge of which could benefit policy making in this area. With regard to how to quantify conflict, I aim to investigate ways to quantify conflict as it impacts individuals and human capital. Lastly, I am interested in whether any evidence can be found for the popular assertion that media can contribute to peace-building or state-building.