Dr. Anouk S. Rigterink
 LSE Fellow Department of International Development
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I am a Research Officer and LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, doing research on the political economy of violent conflict in developing countries. This includes investigating questions such as: are natural resources, like oil and diamonds, related to violent conflict? And if so, how does this relationship work exactly (i.e. what are the mechanisms connecting resources and conflict)? What role do the media and information and communication technologies (ICTs) play in conflict-affect situations? Are they tools for peacebuilding as is sometimes suggested? Do they spur violence, as others suggest? Or can the effects of media and peace-building be much more diverse and unpredictable?

In addition, I have done, or am currently doing research on how security and conflict is measured, how 'evidence' is used in development policy making and on the effect of drone strikes on the internal organisation of violent groups. 

I am experienced in using quantitative research methods. To gather data, I have done fieldwork in South Sudan, designing and executing two rounds of a households survey, and I am currently contributing to a project gathering data on instances of violence and peace-making in Syria. But I also enjoy working interdisciplinary, often with colleagues; I enjoy exploring how quantitative data and other types of data complement, corroborate or contradict each other. I hold a PhD in Development Studies from LSE.   

Do take a look at 'Research' if you are interested in similar topics, or visit the websites of some of the research programmes that I am associated with: the  Justice and Security Research Programme or the Security in Transition Research Programme.